The Diamond K Ranch is located in Telkwa, British Columbia. It is owned and operated by Tom and Leanne Kindler and Family.  It all started out five years ago when our girls got involved with 4-H. Our good neighbor had an orphaned Speckled Park heifer that he kindly gave to them to bottle feed and raise for a 4-H heifer project. This adorable little orphan “Freckles” came to the Diamond K in the canopy of our truck.

We were all instantly intrigued by this new breed of cattle that was truly Canadian. In the past five years our herd has expanded to over 30 purebred cows and our four Herd sires. We admire their unique color patterns,  ease in calving, quality of beef and their quiet nature. 

We specialize in hormone free, naturally farm raised Purebred and Commercial Speckled Park cattle. We invite you to browse through the pages and view these wonderful cattle.  Please contact us if we can assist you in any questions you may have.  We have select bulls and heifers for sale annually.    For more information on the Speckle Park Breed,  please check out the association website at http://www.canadianspecklepark.ca/




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  1. Cody and Kimberly Irwin

    hello, my wife and in the last few years have begun to build a small heard of comercial cows and are interested in trying crossing with a speckle park. we live 2 hours east of fort st. john in worsley, alberta and just wondering where you are located. your yearlings look good as we have a few dexters and angus cross cows. have to have a happy medium. thanks for you time

    February 8, 2011 at 6:43 am

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